Swedish Code of Statutes

The Euro Referendum Act



Enacted on 13 March 2003.


It is by decision of the Riksdag (the Swedish Parliament)

provided as follows.



Section 1

A referendum shall be held throughout the country on 14 September 2003 concerning the introduction of the Euro.

The referendum relates to a “yes” or a “no” to the following question:

“Do you think that Sweden should introduce the Euro as its currency?”


Section 2

The Act on National Referenda (1979:369) and the provisions set out in Sections 3–7 shall apply to the referendum.


Section 3

The following shall additionally be entitled to vote in the referendum

1. nationals of member states of the European Union and nationals of Iceland or Norway who are aged 18 or above on the referendum day and who are registered as resident in Sweden,

2. other foreigners who are aged 18 or above on the referendum day and who have been registered as resident in Sweden for three consecutive years prior to that day.


Section 4

The ballot papers shall carry the following words

1. the heading “Referendum”,

2. the question set out in Section 1,

3. either of the alternatives “Yes” or “No”.

Blank ballot papers shall in addition to the heading only carry the words ”Blank Ballot Paper”.


Section 5

Parties represented in the Riksdag and campaign organizations promoting one of the alternatives “yes” or “no” and that are in receipt of state grants for their activities shall be entitled to order the required number of ballot papers from the Central Election Authority. The state shall bear the cost of the ballot papers, however only up to a number that in respect of each ordering body corresponds to twice the number of persons entitled to vote in the country. Each party and organization shall also on request receive vote envelopes, outer envelopes for proxy votes and envelopes for mail votes at no cost and to the extent the Central Election Authority deems necessary.


Section 6

Rural postmen who convey outer envelopes for proxy votes shall carry ballot papers for the two alternatives and blank ballot papers.


Section 7

The Central Election Authority shall determine the final day when ballot papers must be ordered for it to be possible to effect delivery 30 days prior to the referendum day. The provisions of Chapter 6 Section 15 of the Elections Act shall otherwise apply.


This Act shall come into force on 1 April 2003.