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Article 27

1. After the registration the candidates and parties, for the protection of their interests in their relationship with the electoral commissions, state and local self-governing bodies, organizations and mass media can have proxies.

Only citizens of the Republic of Armenia that have the right to vote can become proxies.

2. After the registration of candidates and party lists, sealed certificates are given to the proxies, based on the submitted, but no more than three times the number of precincts. Certificates are issued within five days after the request has been submitted. The relevant commission states the candidate’s first name, patronymic, last name, and the name of the party, on the certificate. The candidate or the party authorized representative fills out the certificates and allocates them to the proxies.

3. The Central Electoral Commission establishes the procedure for the registration of the proxies. The candidate or his/her authorized representative, the party authorized representatives can at any time recall their proxies and appoint the new ones, informing of it the relevant electoral commission, in writing.

4. Members of the Constitutional Court, judges, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and National Security, Ministry of Defense, Prosecutor's office, Tax Inspection and Customs Department, Social Insurance (services) agents, the military, the clergymen, members of electoral commissions, heads of the state-owned means of mass media and foreign citizens cannot become proxies.

(Amend. of July 31, 2002 LA-406-P)