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Paragraph 19

The amendments do not include the previous recommendation that provision be made for voters to vote who are unable to attend their polling station (e.g. hospitalised persons). Although there may be a greater opportunity for fraud under those circumstances, the right to vote is a very important human right and all possible measures should be used to uphold this right. Article 2 (6) is retained, which prohibits members of the military from participating in elections of local self-governing bodies and National Assembly elections under the majoritarian system. This issue should be given further consideration. These articles do not ensure voting rights for all citizens of Armenia. Limitations on the voting rights of citizens have been justified by authorities in Armenia with the argument that it is not possible to control the fraud that would result. However, under international standards, a state has the affirmative obligation to “take effective measures to ensure that all persons entitled to vote are able to exercise that right.”[4] At some point, the argument of “unpreventable fraud” is not sufficient to justify the denial of the voting rights of these citizens.