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Article 58

Submission of Election Documents for Registration of a Candidate.

For registration of nominated candidates, authorized representatives of the candidates, political party and block of political parties shall submit the following documents to the relevant Constituency Election Commission at most 105 days and at least 70 days prior to the Voting Day, before 18:00:

signature sheets, which include voters signatures in support of candidates;

copies of protocols on results of collecting signatures prepared in a form defined by the Central Election Commission;

notification on changes made to the information about the candidates, submitted according to the Articles 53.3 and 54.8 of this Code;

information on the amount and sources of candidate’s income;

information on the candidate’s property on the basis of ownership right;

candidate’s initial financial report (including information on funds spent for organization of collection of voters signatures).

Shall accidentally made mistakes be revealed in documents indicated in Articles 58.1.2.-58.1.6. of this Code, the relevant election commission should within 48 hours inform the candidate about the matter and propose to correct the mistakes.

Information on amount and sources of income of the candidate for the period of the previous one-year should be submitted in a format defined by the Central Election Commission starting from the day of determination of the Election Day. At the same time, a reference on the total annual income from the income source organizations shall be submitted. Information on property owned by the candidate shall be submitted in a form appropriate to Appendix # 5 of the Code. The Central Election Commission shall define the list of information on candidate’s property and income to be published.

When receiving election documents, election commissions shall approve each folder containing signature sheets with their stamp, check if the number of submitted signature sheets match with the number recorded in the protocol on results of collecting signatures, then having recorded the date and time of their receipt, provide the candidate, authorized representatives of political party and block of political parties with a reference on receipt of election documents with indication of the number of the signature sheets and the number of signatures therein. If the above-mentioned persons submit relevant documents to relevant election commission before the time mentioned in Articles 58.1 and 58.2, they cannot be refused receipt of documents; authorized representatives of a candidate, political party and block of political parties cannot be obstructed to enter a relevant building (room).

A bank document on transfer of voluntary registration deposit at the amount of 3% of the relevant election fund’s threshold to the account of the election commission carrying out the registration can be presented to the relevant election commission when submitting the election documents for registration of a candidate. Cases of return of the registration deposit by the election commission shall be determined by Article 60.5 of this Code.