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Article 78

Rights and Responsibilities of Presidential Candidates


From the moment of registration, presidential candidates who are in civil service or work in local self-government bodies shall be relieved of their duties at work and shall have no right to make use of the advantages of their position. If nominated as presidential candidates, the President of the Republic of Armenia or, in accordance with the Constitution, the acting President (Chairman of the National Assembly or the Prime Minister) shall continue their duties, but shall not make use of the advantages of their official position.

1. The registered presidential candidate shall be exempt from military musters and training exercises.

2. Firing a presidential candidate, transferring him or her to another job or sending on a business trip at the administration’s initiative shall be prohibited.

3. A presidential candidate shall have the right to withdraw from the race upon a written application, submitted by 18:00, up to ten days before the voting day. In that case, the Central Electoral Commission shall annul the candidate’s registration. The candidate shall be required to reimburse the state’s financial expenses connected to his or her nomination and pre-election campaign.

4. Presidential candidates may not be detained or subjected to criminal or judicial prosecution without the Central Electoral Commission’s consent. The vote of the twothirds of the Central Electoral Commission members is required to pass decisions on such matters.