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Article 28

Conducting of voting

(1) The ballot is filled in by the voter in a secret booth or room. Marking the ballot in another person's presence is prohibited. A voter who is unable to fill in the ballot by himself may allow someone into the booth, except for the members of precinct commission or trustees of candidates for the position of the President of the Republic of Moldova.

(2) On the ballot, the voter shall mark two crossed lines in the circle of only one candidate, which shall mean that he has voted for this candidate. The circles of the rest of candidates shall remain unmarked.

(3) Voting for more than one candidate is prohibited.

(4) A voter will drop the marked ballot into the ballot box in the presence of a member of the precinct electoral commission.

(5) In cases when, due to health or some other reason, the voter is unable to come to the polling place, the precinct electoral commission shall, at his request, send a group of three members of the commission to conduct the voting in the place where the voter is located. They will move with a special box and other instruments necessary for voting to the place where the voter is to conduct the voting. Supplementary lists will be determined based on the original lists. The current number on the original list will be included and the indication that the voter has not voted at the precinct will be made in writing.