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Paragraph 85

The recommendation has not been taken into consideration. It is a matter of particular concern, considering that the new voting procedures commented above and referred to in Article 53 to Article 55 have been substantially increased and made more complex. Finally, in addition to the above, the fact that voters waiting in line at the time of closure of polling stations are not being allowed to cast their ballot,[29] can generate cases of disenfranchisement. In the 2003 local elections the CLRAE delegation observed that the number of voters in each polling station varied considerably and was often considered to be too high. This trend was confirmed in the 10 July 2005 elections, as a number of polling stations had 2,000 voters or more, which may be considered excessive. The low turnout helped to ease the pressure. As a rule, it is recommended that the number of voters per polling stations would be limited to a maximum of 1,500.



13.       Political rights – Limitation of the deprivation of political rights to mental incapacity or a criminal conviction for a serious offence, in conformity with the principle of proportionality