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Article 82

Substitution of a Candidate

A candidate may withdraw his candidacy within 24 hours of the verification performed by the commission.  A candidate who withdraws after the certification made by the commission may not be replaced by the political party he represents.

If a registered candidate dies before the date of the elections, then the elections in that zone are postponed for four weeks.  In this case the CEC sets another date for nomination of a replacement candidacy.

Immediately after the deadline for the withdrawal of a candidacy, the respective election commission carries out these duties:

it forwards a final list of certified candidates to the CEC;

it publishes in newspapers, posters and electronic media within the jurisdiction of the electoral unit the names and political affiliation of all candidates in the order they appear on the ballot, in the manner and at the time required by the CEC.

In the case of elections for the Assembly or for mayor of a municipality or commune, the ZEC or LGEC, as appropriate, publishes the name and address of the official representative of the candidate.