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Paragraph 100

P. Voting Procedures

Article 55(7) of the draft law requires envelopes and ballots be printed in the state and official languages. The OSCE/ODIHR and the Venice Commission previously recommended that consideration be given to amending the law to provide that election materials must also be printed in minority languages in areas where there are a sufficient number of persons belonging to national minorities. This would facilitate the participation of national minorities in the elections and meet international standards and OSCE commitments.[1] The law remains unchanged in this regard.

[1] General Comment No. 25 of the UN Human Rights Committee recommends that “information and materials about voting should be available in minority languages”. See also paragraph 32.5 of the 1990 OSCE Copenhagen Document, which states that “persons belonging to national minorities have the right […] to disseminate, have access to and exchange information in their mother tongue.”