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Article 85b

After ascertaining the identity of the voter, the designated member shall circle his ordinal number in the extract from the electoral register, pass the ballot paper to the voter, and the voter shall confirm its receipt by placing his signature on the extract from the electoral register; thereafter, the voter shall vote and fold the ballot paper that has been filled in so that no one can see how he voted, while leaving the counterfoil unobstructed so that the designated member can detach it from the ballot paper and place it into a special envelope for counterfoils, after which the voter shall place the folded ballot paper into the mobile ballot box.

Voters who are unable to personally vote shall be entitled to do so with the assistance of a person designated by themselves and who shall fill the ballot in, that is, cast the vote in the manner ordered to him by the voter.

Designated members shall sign the printed stub (confirmation) which shall thereafter be kept together with its counterfoil.

Designated members shall hand over to the polling board the mobile ballot box with ballot papers and the extract from the electoral register, while the envelope with the counterfoil shall be handed over to the polling board member in charge of keeping counterfoils. The polling board shall open the mobile ballot box after the polling station has closed and it shall establish the number of ballot papers contained in the mobile ballot box in a manner which does not breach the secrecy of the ballot.

After establishing that the vote by post was done in accordance with rules, the polling board shall mix the ballot papers contained in the mobile ballot box for postal voting with the ballot papers contained in the ballot box from the polling station and begin ascertaining voting results at the polling station only thereafter.

The following shall be entered into the record of polling board work: the number of received applications to vote by post, number of voters who were allowed to vote by post by the polling board and number of voters who have voted by post.

The polling board shall place applications to vote by post submitted to the polling board and the extract from the electoral register used for voting by post purposes into a special envelope whose contents shall be marked thereon and which shall, once the voting result has been ascertained, be sealed and delivered to the municipal election commission as an integral part of election materials.