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Article 211

§ 1. After the verification of the powers in the Flemish Parliament, the clerk of the Senate communicates the protocol mentioned in article 210nonies to the chairman of the Flemish Parliament.

§ 2. The elected members of the lists of the same political alliance sent no later than five days after the verification of the powers a list to the president of the Flemish Parliament containing the same number of members of their political alliance or of the Dutch group of the Parliament of the Region of Capital Brussels as sitting senators of the federal entities attributed to the political alliance. The appointed members must be members of parliaments to which the Flemish Parliament may appoint senators, accordingly to article 67, § 1, 1º, and § 2, of the Constitution.

The lists are only valid if they are signed by the majority of the members of the Flemish Parliament which have been elected on the lists belonging to the same political alliance.

§ 3. For the designation of the members mentioned in paragraph 2, the political alliances shall come to an agreement if necessary to respect article 67, §§ 2 and 3 of the Constitution.