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Article 247

The Central Election Commission shall:

1. determine the number of seats in the multi-member constituencies on the basis of a uniform ratio of representation for the entire country depending on the size of the population according to data provided by the National Statistical Institute on the basis of the results of the latest population census;

2. ascertain and pronounce invalid the registration of any candidates who do not conform to the requirements covered under Article 254 (1) or (4) herein;

3. strike the registration, where it is established that the candidate does not satisfy the conditions referred to in Article 65 (1) of the Constitution, as well as where the collection of signatures in support of an independent candidate does not conform to the requirements of Article 257 (1) herein;

4. declare the election results and issue certificates to the elected National Representatives;

5. promulgate the election results in the State Gazette forthwith after the declaration of the said results;

6. upon pre-term termination of the credentials of a National Representative, pronounce the candidate ranked next on the respective list [elected as] National Representative;