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Chapter 4

If a county is divided into constituencies, the county administrative board shall decide no later than 30 April in the year when a general election is to be held how many permanent constituency seats each constituency shall have. This shall be done in the following way.

The number of persons who are entitled to vote in the county council election is divided by the number of permanent constituency seats and thereafter the number of persons who are entitled to vote in each constituency is divided by the figure that is the result of this calculation. The constituency shall receive one seat for each time that the number of persons who are entitled to vote in a constituency is evenly divisible by this figure.

If all permanent constituency seats cannot be distributed in this way, the constituencies will receive the remaining seats in order according to the surpluses that are the result of the calculation. When the surplus figures are the same in two or more constituencies, the constituency that will receive the seat shall be determined by drawing lots.

The Government or the authority that decides on alterations to the division of Sweden into county councils or municipalities may, if necessary, determine that a decision on the distribution of seats may be made later than on the date referred to in the first paragraph.