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Chapter 5

In connection with elections to the European Parliament, Union citizens who are not Swedish citizens shall only be included in the electoral roll if they will attain the age of 18 no later than on the election day, are registered as resident in Sweden or are residing here but are not to be registered as resident here pursuant to Section 5, second paragraph of the Swedish Population Registration Act (1991:481), and have, no later than 30 days prior to the election day, in writing to the county administrative board:

1. given notice that they wish to be listed in the electoral roll;

2. stated their nationality and address in Sweden, and with regard to persons who are not registered as resident, their date of birth or, where appropriate, their personal identity number;

3. stated the constituency or the area in the home state where they were last listed in the electoral roll; and
4. given assurance that they will not vote in another Member State.

Notification that someone has been included in an electoral roll pursuant to this section shall be sent to the competent authority in the State where the voter is a citizen.

Voters who have been included in an electoral roll pursuant to this section will remain there until they are deleted from it by personal request or the conditions for entitlement to vote are no longer satisfied.