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Section R7

  1. The agent referred to in section G 1, subsection 3 (d) or section Q 6, subsection 3, in conjunction with section G 1, subsection 3 (d), may authorise the person submitting the list of candidates to place at the top of the list the appellation of the relevant grouping as registered by the central electoral committee. A declaration by the agent evidencing this authorisation shall be lodged with the list.


  1. The person who submits the list shall be qualified to place an appellation at the top of it formed by a combination of the appellations or abbreviations registered by the central electoral committee for elections to the Senate or House of Representatives, if he has been authorised to do so by the agents of the various groupings. A declaration evidencing this power shall be submitted with the list. An appellation formed in this way may not contain more than 35 letters or other characters.


  1. The chairperson of the central electoral committee or a member of the committee designated by the chairperson for this purpose shall supply the person submitting the list with proof of receipt and shall immediately deposit the lists lodged with him for public inspection.


  1. When and where forms for the declarations relating to the placing of appellations of political groupings at the top of lists of candidates may be obtained, free of charge, shall be regulated by order in council. A model for the form shall be established by ministerial order.