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Chapter 14

For each member, as many substitutes are appointed as the member’s party obtained seats in the constituency. However, at least three substitutes shall always be appointed for each member. A person who has been elected as a member shall be ignored when substitutes are appointed.

Substitutes are appointed by special rules between the candidates on the party’s ballot papers. This order is calculated according to Section 11, second and third paragraphs.

If there is nevertheless no one who can be appointed as a substitute, the following shall apply. The candidate within the constituency whose turn it is to obtain the next seat for the party shall be appointed as substitute. If there is no such candidate on the party’s ballot papers, applying Section 5, second paragraph, another constituency shall be determined, where the party participates in the distribution of permanent seats, from which the substitute shall be appointed. The person whose turn it is to obtain seats for the party shall be appointed as substitute. There may only be one substitute under this paragraph for each member. If a substitute cannot be appointed in this way, no substitute shall be appointed.