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§ 61.

Ascertaining of voting results in National Electoral Committee

(1) On the basis of the records concerning the voting results of voters in counties and voters permanently residing in a foreign state which are received from the county heads of elections and on the basis of the voting results of voters who voted using electronic means, the National Electoral Committee shall, for each electoral district, verify the number of voters entered in the lists of voters, the number of voters who were given a ballot Page 26 / 32 Riigikogu Election Act paper, the number of voters who participated in voting, the number of invalid ballot papers and the number of votes cast for candidates and political parties. [RT I, 06.05.2016, 1 - entry into force 01.01.2017]

(2) The National Electoral Committee shall prepare a record concerning the voting results which shall be signed by the chairman of the Committee. The date and time of preparation of the record shall be indicated therein.

(3) [Repealed - RT I, 2006.30, 231 - entry into force 14.07.2006]

(4) The ascertaining of the voting results in the National Electoral Committee shall be public.