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Article 56

Signature collection in support to the candidate to President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1. The support by voters to the candidate to President shall be confirmed by their signature collection.

2. The candidate to President must be supported by at least one percent of the total number of voters, equally representing at least two thirds of the oblasts, the city of the republican status and the capital of the Republic.

3. Signature collection in support to the candidate to President shall be organized by proxies and shall be drawn in the subscription lists to be issued by the Central Election Commission not later than in five days after the check of the candidate’s conformity to the requirements of the Constitution and this Constitutional Act on the basis of the documents on nomination mentioned in clauses 3 and 4 of Article 55 of this Constitutional Act.

4. Each subscription list shall have serial number and include the surname, given names of the candidate, personal signature of a proxy, the surname and given names of a person who is collecting signatures, the name of a settlement where collection of signatures is conducted, and include the columns containing the following data about the persons, who put signatures:

1) surname and given names;

2) number and serial number of the document, identifying them;

3) day, month and year of birth;

4) address of the permanent or temporary residence;

5) personal signature.

5. The person collecting signatures during signature collection shall submit a copy of the certificate of a proxy. The proxy shall put signature in the corresponding subscription list.

6. The Central Election Commission shall:

1) approve a sample of a subscription list;

2) provide candidates to President with the necessary amount of subscription lists.

7. The filled subscription lists on signature collection in support to the candidates to President shall be submitted to the territorial election commission which within ten-days shall check of the authenticity of signatures with involvement of the staff of passport services and shall also draw up the required protocols and send them to the Central Election Commission.

8. Check of authenticity of signatures shall be carried out before determination of authentic signatures in the quantity required for a candidate to President in compliance with clause 2 of this Article.