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Article 69

(1) On the day fixed for polling and thirty minutes prior to the start thereof, the room in the polling place where the ballot boxes and other documents and materials have been stored by the Commission shall be opened and the boxes, documents and materials transferred to each polling booth by the relative Assistant Commissioners.

(2) Prior to the start of polling the Assistant Commissioners, in the presence of any candidates or agents as may be present shall open the ballot box consigned to them and ensure that it is empty prior to sealing it and opening the poll. If no candidate or agent is present the Assistant Commissioners shall ask any person present in the polling place to enter the polling booth and witness the sealing of the ballot boxes.

(3) After ascertaining that the ballot box is empty, if necessary by removing any extraneous material therein, the Chairperson of the Assistant Commissioners shall proceed to seal the ballot box in the manner and with the seal provided to him by the Commission ensuring that he does not seal the opening through which the ballot papers are to be inserted by voters.

(4) One agent or candidate for each of the political parties present at such sealing may affix the party seal to the ballot box.

(5) After the ballot box has been sealed the Chairperson of the Assistant Commissioners shall so attest on the form provided by the Commission and shall ask all the persons present at the sealing to sign as witnesses whereupon all shall leave the room except for the Assistant Commissioners and the poll shall start.

(6) In the event of any disagreement which cannot be resolved between those present the Chairperson of the Assistant Commissioners shall ask a Commissioner to give the necessary direction..