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Article 51

§ 1 Only the voter entered into the roll of voters is entitled to cote, or his proxy as well as the voter described in the provisions of § 2-4. § 2 On the day of voting, the constituency electoral commission may add to the roll of voters:

1) a person presenting a certificate of the right to vote, attaching a certificate to the directory, if the provisions concerning the election provide for the possibility of obtaining such certificate;

2) a person omitted from the roll of voters who proves permanent residence on the territory of given voting circuit, provided that the office of the municipality has confirmed that it has not received a notice of this person’s forfeiture of the right to vote or notice of the inclusion of that person on the roll of voters of another voting circuit;

3) A person struck from the inventory for a given circuit to vote in connection with the entering of the person onto the roll of voters in the institutions referred to in art. 12 § 4, if he or she may prove that he or she left the institution on the day before the election day § 3 In elections to the Sejm and the Senate, the election of the President of the Republic and the European Parliamentary elections the electoral commission may add person to the roll of voters who on the day of voting is a Polish citizen permanently residing and voting in the country on the basis of a valid Polish passport, subject to proof of permanent residence abroad. In this case, the commission makes an annotation of the passport number and validity date in the “remarks” section of the roll of voters as well as placing the seal of the commission and date of voting on a free page of the passport dedicated for visas.

§ 4 The provision of § 2 shall apply accordingly in case the voters entering the institution in art. 12 § 4, on the eve of the election.