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Article 75

§ 1 The circuit electoral commission shall draw up, in two copies, the protocol of voting in the circuit in relevant elections.

§ 2 The protocol referred to in § 1, should contain the data referred to in Article 70 § 2 as well as, in accordance with the given elections, the number of invalid votes, the number of valid votes cast for each of the candidates or lists and each candidate from such list.

§ 3 Furthermore, the protocol should note the figures referred to in Article 70 § 3 and 71 § 1 as well as the number of voters voting by proxy.

§ 4 The protocol should specify the time of commencement and conclusion of voting and a summary of the orders and decisions issued as well as of other matters related to the conduct of voting.

§ 5 All members of the electoral commission present at the drawing up of the protocol shall sign it. The protocol shall be stamped with the seal of the commission.

§ 6 Poll stewards shall have the right to enter comments into the protocol, specifying the precise complaints. Annotations on the complaints entered shall be inserted in the protocol.

§ 7 The provisions of § 6 shall be applied accordingly to the members of the electoral commission; the application of provisions of § 6 shall not exempt members from the duty to sign the record.

§ 8 Templates of protocols referred to in § 1 shall be established by the National Election Commission.