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Article 41

Election Deposit

1. The election deposit for one candidate for Seimas member to be registered in a single- member constituency shall be equal to one most recently announced average monthly wage of the national economy (AMW). When registering one new candidate in a single-member constituency instead of the candidate whose application documents have been revoked or who has revoked the documents himself, the required deposit shall be in the amount of one AMW.

2. The election deposit for registration of one list of candidates for Seimas member in the multi-member constituency shall be in the amount of ten AMWs. When changing the place of one candidate on the list or entering a new candidate on the list, the deposit shall be in theamount of one AMW. When joining the candidates’ lists, the deposit shall be in the amount of 0.3 AMW for each list which is being joined.

3. Election deposits for registration of a list of candidates shall be doubled for the party which at the last elections to the Seimas, municipal councils or the European Parliament nominated candidates or the list (lists) of candidates and did not furnish a copy of the report on the funding of the respective political campaign in compliance with the Law on Funding of, and Control Over Funding of, Political Campaigns and the sets of the previous calendar year’s financial statements of the political party in compliance with the Law on Political Parties.

4. In the event of late submission of application documents, failure to collect the required number of voter signatures as established in this Law, revocation of the announcement of a joint list of candidates of a political party or the coalition of parties, cancellation of the registration of a candidate or non-registration of a candidate for Seimas member on the grounds specified in paragraph 6 of Article 39 of this Law, the election deposit shall not be refunded.

5. Upon the expiry of the period of political campaign, the Central Electoral Commission shall, within 40 days, refund the election deposit to the party or the person who has furnished it, if:

1) a participant of the political campaign submitted within the time limit set out in the Law on Funding of, and Control Over Funding of, Political Campaigns the report on the funding of political campaign, its annexes and the documents justifying the expenditure and income;

2) the candidates have not violated Article 51 of this Law or have not grossly violated the Law on Funding of, and Control Over Funding of, Political Campaigns;

3) a list of candidates (candidates) got at the election not less than three per cent of votes of the voters who participated in the election held in an appropriate constituency.

6. The non-refundable deposits shall be transferred to the State budget.