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Article 90

1. Voting may not be held in a polling station, if the electoral office cannot be constituted, if any disturbance occurs that determines the interruption of the electoral operations for more than three hours, or if a calamity occurs in the parish on the election day or on the three previous days.

2. Should any of the situations outlined in the previous number occur; the following rules will be applied in their respective order?

a) No new voting will be held, if the result does not in any way affect the attribution of the seats;

b) If otherwise, a new voting will be held on the same day of the following week;

c) A final count will be completed without considering the non-cast votes, if it proves impossible to hold the voting outlined in the previous line.

3. The mayor of the municipality will be responsible for finally determine the impossibility to hold the voting or for postponing such voting.

4. In holding the new voting, the members of the electoral office may be nominated by the mayor of the municipality.