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Article 93

Establishment and Proclamation of Final Election Results

1. The Central Electoral Commission shall establish final election results after it has investigated all complaints and established all election results in the constituency, including of the voters who have voted on ships and abroad. A decision of the Central Electoral Commission taken on the grounds laid down in Article 91 of this Law shall also be considered as the establishment of final election results in the constituency.

2. The Central Electoral Commission shall proclaim final election results not later than within seven days following the polls in the multi-candidate constituency and in the first election round in one-member constituencies. If during the elections to a new Seimas the run-off voting is held, the final results in a multi-member constituency and in those singe-candidate constituencies where the run-off voting has been held shall be proclaimed not later than within seven days from the run-off voting. The Central Electoral Commission shall proclaim the final election results on its website.

3. The Central Electoral Commission shall within three months from the proclamation of the final election results issue a book about the election results and shall within four months transfer the vote counting records of polling districts and constituencies, application documents (except the forms for the collection of signatures), minutes of the sittings and the decisions of the Central Electoral Commission, as well as the collection of samples of election documents to the State Archives for unlimited safekeeping. After that the Central Electoral Commission may decide to destroy the election documents which are not subject to safe keeping.