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Article 94E

Voting of Overseas voters at custom stations 

(addition: 13/3/2008-5749/10 art.)

Voters registered in Overseas electoral roll, beginning with forty five days prior to elections, until 17.00 on election day, may vote at the ballots that will be located on custom gates (…)

Supreme Election board send specially manufactured ballot papers and envelopes in special colors to related district boards at latest three days prior to election.

At the custom gates which are determined by Supreme Election Council, voting can be exercised from 08.00 on forty fifth day prior to elections to 17.00 on election date. Supreme Election Council is authorized to determine at which gates voting can be exercised for 24 hours including holidays and at which gates in less hours.

Supreme Election Council previously determines numbers of temporary custom gate election board and ballot box committees that will work during election period, numbers of members and reserves and definitions of their missions.

Ballot box committees, prepare adequate numbers of closed voting places to provide the freedom and confidentiality of voting. Related administrative authorities provide all necessary assistance to ballot box committees. 

Propaganda is not allowed at custom gates.

(Changed seventh clause: 9/5/2012-6304/7 art.) When a voter comes to customs gate to exercise his voting right, president of the ballot box committee determines his identification with official documents or passport including the identification number delivered by Republic of Turkey and on Computer Supported Central electoral roll controls whether the voter has exercised his vote electronically and after determination he hasn’t, he is given ballot paper sealed with stamp of ballot box committee and “Yes” or “Preference” stamp, enters into closed voting area and completes his voting process according to general principles. 

(Repealed first sentence: 9/5/2012-6304/7 art.) (…) Voter, who has exercised his vote, signs and completes

voting process on the schedule.

 During the voting process, at the change times of ballot box committees, ballot is opened in the method described by Law, the numbers of envelopes and numbers of voters are compared and convenience is determined with minute book.   Ballot papers and one copy of the minute book are put into bag and sealed and delivered to temporary custom gate election board by the president of ballot box committee.(1)

(Changed eleventh article: 9/5/2012-6304/7 art.) Beginning with 17.00 on election date, bags are opened in line with the general principles and they are counted and determined by temporary customs gate boards. Temporary customs gate board arranges combination minute book and along with other necessary electoral documents, they are sent to Overseas District Election Board with fastest possible means. 

Evaluation of votes exercised at customs gates, is being undertaken according to the provisions of article 94/B.