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Article 71

(1) Each voter shall have one transferable vote.

(2) A voter, in recording his vote:

(a) must place on his ballot paper the figure 1 against the name of the candidate for whom he votes; and

(b) may in addition indicate the order of his choice or preference for as many other candidates as he pleasesby placing against their respective names the figure 2,3,4,5 and 6 and soon in consecutive numerical order.

(3) A ballot paper shall be invalid in which:

(a) the figure 1 standing alone indicating a first preference for one candidate is not placed;or

(b) the figure 1 standing alone indicating a first preference issetagainstthenameofmorethanonecandidate; or

(c) the figure 1 standing alone indicating a first preference and some other number is set against the name of the same candidate; or

(d) it cannot be determined with certainty for which candidate the first preference of the voter is expressed; or

(e) any writing or mark is made by which the voter can be identified; or

(f) the official mark of the Commission is not made.

(4) A voter shall record his vote secretly in the voting compartment. After marking the ballot paper the voter shall fold the ballot paper so as to show the official mark while concealing his vote, show the official mark to the Chairperson of the Assistant Commissioners, so that the Assistant Commissioners may verify the same, and shall then put the ballot paper in the ballot box in the presence of the Assistant Commissioners.