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Article 105.4

The sorting of ballot papers indicated in the previous regulation shall be carried out in the following manner:

(1)  the supervisor of each counting table shall take the topmost bundle of ballot papers form each pigeon hole and, in full view of the candidates and agents, place the bundles on a rack to pass to the counters;

(2)  when a parcel of ballot papers has been taken from each different pigeon hole and placed on the rack as provided in the previous paragraph of this regulation, the supervisor shall pass to each counter one parcel at a time in order that the ballot papers may be sorted;

(3)  the counters shall open each parcel with the ballot papers and ascertain whether each paper is valid or invalid;

(4)  if the counters decide that there is a possibility that, for any reason according to the General Elections Act, a ballot paper may be invalid or if any candidate or agent for the same reason so claims, the counter shall place such ballot paper in a tray marked "dubious";

(5) if the ballot paper is considered as valid the counter shall place the ballot paper in a tray indicating the candidate to which the first preference has been given on that ballot paper.