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Article 105.6

(1) Whenever the supervisor in charge of the sorting ofvotes of an electoral division determines that in the tray marked as "dubious" there are a sufficient number of ballot papers he shall call one of the Electoral Commissioners to collect such papers.

(2) The dubious ballot papers may only be removed from the tray by an Electoral Commissioner who shall take them to the table of the Electoral Commission personally.

(3) The Electoral Commission, or any number of members thereof not being l ess than three, shall, after hearing the representations of the party delegates, or their substitutes decide in respect of each paper, whether it is valid or invalid and if they decide that it is invalid they shall so stamp the paper on its face.

(4) The decision of the Electoral Commission in this regard shall be final and not subject to appeal.

(5) Once all the dubious ballot papers have been declared valid or invalid by the Electoral Commission, they shall be returned to the appropriate electoral division by an Electoral Commissioner who shall pass them on to a supervisor of that division.

(6) The supervisor shall cause the invalid ballot papers to beput in a tray marked Invalid and the valid ballot papers to be sorted in accordance with the preceding regulations.