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Article 118.50

(1) Within thirty-one days after the date of the publication of the result of an election in the Government Gazette, the election agent of every candidate at that election shall transmit to the commissioners a return of the election expenses of such person, containing the particulars specified in the Seventh Schedule to this Ordinance, signed both by the candidate and by his election agent. In the case of the candidate’s absence from Malta the duties imposed on him may be performed by a duly appointed representative.

(2) Every such return shall contain a statement of all payments made by the candidate or by his election agent, or by any persons on behalf of the candidate, or in his interest, for expenses incurred on account of, or in respect of, the conduct and management of the election, and a further statement of all unpaid claims in respect of such expenses, of which he or his election agent is aware.

(3) The return shall be accompanied by declarations to be made on oath before a magistrate by the candidate and his election agent, in the form contained in the Seventh Schedule to this Ordinance.

(4) If any candidate or election agent acts in contravention of the requirements of this article, he shall, subject to the provisions of article 56, be guilty of an illegal practice.