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Article 19

Elector gets inside closed voting area with combined ballot paper printed by Supreme Election Council or by provincial boards authorized by Supreme Election Council along with "YES" or "PREFERENCE" stamp in order to exercise his voting right. 

             (Change : 28/12/1993 - 3959/14 art.) Elector exercises his voting right by putting the stamp delivered by president of the ballot box committee on the party he prefers on the combined ballot paper. 

             (Change : 28/12/1993 - 3959/14 art.) The elector who has exercised his voting right, folds the combined ballot paper and puts it in an envelope. He returns the stamp to the president of the ballot box committee and puts his vote into ballot. 

             (Change : 20/6/1987 - 3394/5 art.) In case the elections of mayors (including the ones subject to 3030 numbered Law) membership of provincial council and membership of municipal council are undertaken together, the process defined in this article are repeated three times for each of three elections. 

             (Addendum: 7/12/1988 - 3507/4 art.) But in the same electoral zone, ballot papers related with mayor and member of municipal council elections including the ones subject to Law on Amendment and Approval as 3030 numbered Decree with the Power of Law on  Administration of Municipalities.