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Article 4

Electoral system and its implementation

(1) Elections which will be undertaken with general ballot, candidate who takes the majority of valid votes is elected as President. In case majority can not be achieved in first voting, second voting is undertaken on the second Sunday following the first voting. Two candidates with the highest two voting amounts in the first voting, attend to this second voting and the candidate who takes the majority of valid votes, is elected as President.  

(2) In case one of the two candidates in the second round loses his/her eligibility of being elected or passes away, the second round is being undertaken by filling of empty candidacy according to the sequence in the first voting. Substitution is not applied for reasons other than the results mentioned above.

(3) In case of single candidacy, voting will be realized as referendum. The candidate is elected as President in case he/she takes the majority of the votes. The election is renewed if sigle candidate is unable to take majority of the votes. 

(4) The mission of current President continues unless the new President starts his mission. In case the office of Presidency is emptied due to death, resignation or for any other reasons, Speaker of Turkish Grand National Assembly deputizes the office of Presidency and exercises the authorities of President. 

(5) Person elected as President, is discharged ,if any, from his party and his membership in Turkish Grand National Assembly is terminated.