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Article 31

Presentation of Candidate Lists

(1) Any registered political party and movement whose activities have not been suspended9), including any coalition thereof, may present a candidate list for the elections to the Chamber of Deputies. In order to be registered, every candidate list presented by a coalition must be clearly marked as a coalition candidate list by all the political parties and movements associated in it and must feature the name of such coalition and the names of all its members.

(2) Each political party, movement and coalition may only present one candidate list for the elections to the Chamber of Deputies in any given election district. If a political party or movement presents its own separate candidate list, it cannot form a coalition with other political parties or movements. Each political party and movement may be associated in one coalition only. Each coalition must be formed by the same political parties and/or movements in all election regions. Each candidate may be included in one candidate list for the elections to the Chamber of Deputies only.

(3) Each political party, movement or coalition must present its candidate list through its authorised representative to the competent regional authority no later than 66 days before the date of the elections. The regional authority shall confirm its acceptance of each candidate list to the relevant authorised representative.

(4) Each political party, movement or coalition shall attach to its candidate list a receipt confirming that its statutory contribution to election expenses (hereinafter only the “contribution”) totalling CZK 15,000.00 has been duly settled. The contribution has to be paid by political parties, movements or coalitions in each election region in which they are presenting their candidate lists to special accounts established by regional authorities no later than 72 days before the date of the elections and conducted by the Czech National Bank. The contributions of political parties, movements and coalitions form a part of the revenues of the State Budget.

9) Act No. 424/1991 Coll. on association in political parties and political movements, as amended (complete version of Act No. 118/1994 Coll.).