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Article 48

Public Announcement of the Poll by the Local Authority of the Commune

(1) The local authority of the commune shall publicize the beginning and end of polling hours and details of the polling districts and polling stations in accordance with the specimen at Annex 27 not later than the sixth day before the election; in lieu of a list of the polling districts with their boundaries and polling stations, such information may be provided in the voter's notice. In this notice, the commune shall intimate

1. that the voter has a first and second vote,

2. that the ballot papers are manufactured by the government and will be available at the polling station,

3. the contents of the ballot paper and how it is to be marked,

4. how to use a polling card to vote, particularly by postal ballot,

5. that under Article 14 (4) of the Law each person eligible to vote may exercise his or her right to vote only once and only in person, that under Article 107a (1) and (3) of the Penal Code anyone who votes without authorization, otherwise distorts the result of an election, falsifies the result or attempts to commit any such offense shall be liable to up to five years' imprisonment or a fine.

(2) The public announcement of the poll or an excerpt thereof containing Paragraphs 1, 3, 4 and 6 of Annex 27 shall be posted prior to the beginning of the poll at or in the entrance to the building in which the polling station is located. A specimen ballot paper is to be included with the excerpt.