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Article 127

(1) The State Election Commission shall tabulate and establish the final results of the voting in the electoral district which covers Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australia and Asia.

(2) The State Election Commission shall establish the results of the voting based on protocols with tabulated results from the DCO, and the entire election material.

(3) The State Election Commission shall establish the results according to the number of the final votes won by the lists of candidates, based on the tabulated results from the DCO in the electoral district.

(4) The determination of the election results is conducted with the use of the D’Hondt method.

(5) Following determination of the total number of received votes for the given number of candidates in the electoral district (the so called electoral table), each list separately is divided with the line of divisors 1, 2 and 3 until all MP seats are allotted in the electoral district.

(6) The quotients of the division of paragraph (5) of this Article shall be aligned by size, whereby considered will be the same number of largest quotients as is the number of members of Parliament in the electoral district.

(7) The list of candidates receives the same number of MP seats as the largest quotients of the number of quotients of paragraph (6) of this Article.

(8) If in the allotment of the last MP seat there are two identical quotients, the mandate shall be awarded with a lot.

(9) In the allocation of the MP seats, elected shall be considered the same number of candidates as the number of seats won by the list.

(10) From the list of candidates shall be elected the candidates, according to the established order in the list.