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Section 147

(1) In the campaign period before the general election media providers with country-wide available linear media services not falling under provisions of Section 147/A-147/E shall notify in a declaration the National Election Commission about their intention to broadcast political advertisements, also designating the used country-wide available linear media service/es/, latest by the 50th day before ballot day. Failing to comply with this deadline shall result in not being allowed to broadcast political advertisements. The National Election Office shall publish on its official website the declarations of the concerned media providers, their name and the timeframe secured for the broadcast.
(2) During general elections to the parliament, elections to the European Parliament, rovisions of Section147/A-147/E shall apply with the exception of 147/A (3) adding that:
a) the media provider shall determine the timeframe available per media service for broadcasting political advertisements, but the timeframe shall not be less than half of the timeframe per public media provider,
b) the media provider shall indicate in the declaration according to (1) also the timeframe according to a)
c) if the timeframe according to a) diverges from the timeframe per public media provider, the National Election Commission shall proportionally lower or increase the timeframe for each nominating organization.