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Article 39

The Cancellation of the Election or the Minute:

In case it is decided to cancel an election minute after a second counting and sorting out procedure which resulted from an objection against the counting or sorting out; the elected deputies after this second counting and sorting out procedure receive their minutes from the Supreme Board of Elections.
In case it is decided to cancel an election in a certain constituency because of the election procedures, the election of that constituency is renewed and the Supreme Board of Elections announces that the election is renewed in that constituency, stating the decision for the cancellation as well through the Gazette and other means.

The first Sunday that follows the ninetieth day after this announcement is the voting day.(1)

If it is decided to cancel the minutes of one or more deputies for reasons other than those specified in the above paragraphs, the candidates following the deputies whose minutes have been cancelled are given minutes according to the Article 34 and 35.

In case the number of following candidates is not sufficient, the provisions for bye-elections are applied.

(1) The phrase that says “the sixtieth day” in this article has been amended as “the ninetieth day” according to the 16th article of Law 4778, on 2 January 2003, and subsequently applied to the text.