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Paragraph 40

Polling place

(1) Voting in a voting district shall be held at a polling place designated by the rural municipality or city government. Different polling places may be designated for voting on election day and on advance voting days.

(2) A polling place shall have places for the distribution of ballot papers, voting booths and a ballot box. In a voting district where voting outside the voting districts of voters’ residences is held, the polling place shall have, during advance voting, a separate voting booth and ballot box for the voters who vote outside the voting district of their residence. The consolidated list of candidates in the electoral district and, in Tallinn, the additional city list shall be posted in the polling place.
[RT I, 21.06.2016, 1 - entry into force 01.07.2016]

(3) Order in a polling place shall be maintained by the voting district committee. Lawful oral orders given by members of the voting district committee are mandatory for all persons in the polling place.