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Article 220

Beginning and End of Vote Casting

(1) (amend. - SG 39/16, in force from 26.05.2016) Voters shall cast their votes from 7:00 h to 20:00 h. Election day abroad shall start at 7:00 h local time and shall end at 20:00 h local time. In cases where at 20:00 h there are voters in front of the polling site, who have not cast their vote, the chairperson and the secretary of the precinct election commission shall establish their number and identity.
(2) (amend. - SG 39/16, in force from 26.05.2016) Voters, who have not cast their vote shall submit their identity documents to the commission, and voters who are nationals of another European Union Member State shall also submit their certificate of residence. These are the only voters that shall be allowed to vote after 20:00 h, but not later than 21:00 h.