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Article 28

(1) The names of disenfranchised or deceased citizens as of the election day shall be deleted from election rolls.
(2) The names of citizens who have moved abroad at least two months before the election day and have not returned until the submission of the rolls to the District Election Committees shall be deleted.
(3) The deletion under para 2 shall be done at an application of the persons who have left the country or officially in accordance with the data made available by the Ministry of the Interior from the applications for issuing Bulgarian identity documents.
(4) The names of citizens who have the right to vote at the respective district but have been missed in the election rolls shall be added thereto.
(5) The adding of names shall be done by the bodies under Art. 26, para 1 pending the submission of rolls to District Election Committees at the request of the voter given in writing or on the election day by the District Committee at the request of the voter and upon presentation of an identity document.
(6) Where the persons under para 2 return to the country after the completion of the election roll, they shall be entered in pursuance of paras 4 and 5.
(7) Persons who have served their imprisonment sentence or are no longer under legal disability shall be entered into the election rolls upon presentation of the respective document to the municipality, ward or mayoralty.
(8) Any refusal to delete or add a name may be appealed before the District Court within two days. The Court shall hear the petition in public, while summonsing the petitioner and the bodies under Art. 26, para 1, within two days and issue a final judgement which shall be announced forthwith.
(9) Any refusal by a District Election Committee to add a name under para 5 may be appealed before the Constituency Election Committee which shall issue a decision on the petition forthwith.