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Article 1

The Main Principles and Grounds for Elections


1. People's Deputies of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as deputies) shall be elected by the citizens of Ukraine on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot.


2. The total number of deputies to be elected to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine shall be determined under the Constitution of Ukraine.


3. The electoral process shall be carried out on the basis of a mixed (majoritarian-proportional) system:

two hundred and twenty-five (225) deputies shall be elected in the multi-mandate all-state electoral constituency (hereinafter referred to as the multi-mandate constituency) on the basis of proportional representation according to lists of candidates (hereinafter referred to as electoral lists) from political parties, electoral blocs of parties (hereinafter referred to as parties (blocs));

225 deputies shall be elected in single-mandate electoral constituencies (hereinafter referred to as single-mandate constituencies) on the basis of relative majority.


4. The participation of Ukrainian citizens in elections is voluntary. No one shall be forced to participate or not to participate in voting during elections.