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Article 50

[If the election board has received a ballot box containing absentee votes it must check whether the box's seals are complete and undamaged. The chairman shall then open the box and the election board count the absentee votes, comparing these with the accompanying lists, cf. Article 66 of the Act on Elections to the Alþingi, No. 24/2000. The election board shall then open each sending envelope and examine whether the absentee vote shall be taken into consideration, cf. Article 68. If the vote is to be taken into consideration, a special mark shall be placed provisionally by the name of the voter in the register of electors, while the unopened ballot envelope, together with the accompanying letter shall be replaced in the sending envelope and this placed to one side and preserved while polling takes place. If the absentee vote is not to be taken into consideration, the ballot envelope and accompanying letter shall be preserved in the same manner; the reason for the vote not being taken into consideration shall be written on the sending envelope.

Any absentee votes, which have been received by the election board or are received while polling is underway, must be numbered in a continuous sequence and their number recorded in the record book. These votes shall be dealt with as described in the first paragraph.

If an elector is not on the register of electors in the polling section, the election board shall investigate where the elector is registered and, if possible, deliver the vote to the proper polling section; otherwise the absentee vote shall be preserved until polling is completed.

In a municipality where a special presiding election board has been elected, the election board may commence the sorting of votes as provided for in the first para--graph on the day prior to election day, so that the absentee votes may be delivered to the proper polling section on election day.]1)

1) Act No. 27/2002, Art. 10.