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Article 31

Withdrawal by a Candidate of his/her Candidature. Canceling the Decision on Registration of a Candidate

1. A candidate can, at any time before the election day, withdraw his/her candidature regarding which he/she shall submit a written application to the constituency (territorial) election commission which registered him/her as a candidate.

2. The decision of the constituency (territorial) election commission on removing a candidate from the registration shall be only adopted upon the candidate’s own application regarding this, and based on the court’s verdict of guilt enforced in regard to the person registered as a candidate, in other cases directly provided by laws, and in case of his/her death.

3. Removing a candidate from registration upon the initiative of subjects which, adhering the requirements of this Law, nominated him/her as a candidate, shall be prohibited.

4. The constituency (territorial) election commission may adopt a decision on removing a candidate from registration also in the event of his/her violation of this Law, fact of commitment of which shall be established by court. An appropriate application shall be considered by court within three days after its reception by court, but no later than one day prior to the elections.

5. The constituency election commission shall in a three-day term notify the person who was registered as a candidate, the subject which nominated the candidate, as well as voters of the respective constituency about the cancellation of the decision on candidate’s registration.