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Article 66

(1) The right to vote shall be exercised personally; the blind or persons with heavy visual defects shall be provided by the electoral authority with a stencil as an aid to enable their exercising the vote themselves. Physically or mentally handicapped voters may have a person at their side to guide and help them with the act of voting, to be chosen by themselves and confirmed vis-à-vis the polling officer. Apart from these cases the voting booth may only be entered by one person at a time.

(2) Persons shall be deemed physically or mentally handicapped who cannot be required to fill out the official ballot paper without the aid of another person.

(3) In doubtful cases the electoral authority shall decide on the admissibility of an assisting person. Any casting of ballot with the aid of an assisting person shall be laid down in a note.

(4) Anyone who falsely pretends to be blind, heavily visually handicapped or physically handicapped commits an administrative offence and will be punished by the district administrative authority with a maximum fine of up-to 218 Euros, in case it cannot be retrieved, with a maximum subsidiary term of imprisonment of two weeks.

(5) § 72 contains specific provisions on the exercise of the right to vote for persons being cared for in nursery homes.