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Article 164

Eligibility, and posts and positions impeding membership   In respect to the eligibility of Finnish citizens for European Parliamentary elections what is laid down on eligibility for parliamentary elections is in force. A citizen of another member state of the European Union who is eligible to vote in Finland is eligible to stand as a candidate in European Parliamentary elections in Finland unless he or she  has lost his or her eligibility for the European Parliament in his or her home state.   A member of the European Parliament cannot be:   A member of the Council of State;  A member of the European Commission;  A Judge, Advocate-General or Registrar of the European Court of Justice or of the Court of First Instance; A member of the executive board of the European Central Bank;  A member of the European Court of Auditors; The European Ombudsman;  A member of the Economic and Social Committees for the European Community or the European Atomic Energy Community; A member of the Committee of Regions; A member of a Committee or another body responsible for the permanent administration or finances of the Community as is provided in the Treaties regarding the European Community and the European Atomic Energy Community; A member of the Board of Directors and Board of Governors of the European Investment Bank and a member of staff of the European Investment Bank; An official or a staff member working in the service of a body or a specialist organisation of the European Community;  A person who is in a post or a position that impedes membership of a Parliament as is provided in the constitution.   If a person elected from Finland for  membership of the European Parliament forfeits his or her eligibility or if he or she is appointed or selected for an appointment or position such as referred to in subsection 2, his or her membership in the European Parliament is terminated.