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Article 11

The following documents shall be attached to the list of candidates:

a statement signed by each candidate nominated in the list certifying his/her agreement to this nomination;

a pre-election program consisting of no more than 4000 printed signsof text signed by all the candidates on the list;

a declaration signed by each candidate on the list stating that the cndidate is eligible according to Article 4 of this Law and restrictions tated in Article 5, items 1-6, do not apply to him/her;

other data concerning the candidate and confirmed by his/her signature:

full name and year of birth;

identity number;

foreign citizenship (denizenship);

place of residence (district or city);

places of employment and positions;

completed education (year of completion, special field);

statement about collaboration or non-collaboration with the USSR, Latvian SSR or foreign state security services, intelligence or counterintelligence services and about having been employed by these services on contract basis as an agent, resident or having offered his/her apartment for clandestine activities;

real property of the candidate and stock or bank shares owned by him/her or shares in companies (businesses)

family status;

if the nominated candidate has not completed a school with the Latvian language of instruction or a two-language school with the Latvian language of instruction, he/she shall submit a copy of the document certified by a notary and indicating the third level of national language skills.