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Article 9

(1) Candidates on national lists shall obtain mandates in proportion to the national aggregates of surplus votes and in the order notified. To be counted as surplus votes are those

a) which were cast, in an individual constituency during the first valid poll, for party candidates who did not obtain a mandate during either poll;

b) which were cast for lists, in a territorial constituency during the valid poll, in a number smaller than required for mandate, or which exceeded the number of votes required for a mandate.

(2) Votes cast during an invalid poll shall not be counted as surplus votes under para. (1) and hence shall not be taken into account for purposes of obtaining mandates on the national list - except for the event of Article 8 para. (10) -. Similarly, the votes cast for the territorial lists of the party whose votes on those lists and whose national aggregate of votes do not exceed the percent limit, defined in Article 8 para. (5), of the votes cast for the territorial lists of all parties. In this respect only those nationally cast valid votes may be aggregated which were cast for the same parties - or the territorial lists of same parties presenting common or combined territorial lists -.

(3) The parties which notified the combination of their national lists at least 8 days before election shall obtain mandates in proportion to the aggregate surplus votes for their respective lists. The notification to the National Electoral Board shall also indicate the order in which their candidates are to obtain mandates. The notification shall be mode public by the National Electoral Board.