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Article 62

Gathering of Signatures in Support of a Candidate for the Position of President of the Kyrgyz Republic

1. A candidate for the President of the Kyrgyz Republic should be supported by not less than 50 thousand voters’ signatures. At that, every oblast Bishkek and Osh city should contribute not less than 3 percent of the required total number of signatures each.

2. The collection of signatures shall be carried out from the day of nominating the candidates for the position of President of the Kyrgyz Republic and shall be organized by authorized representatives of each candidate.

3. The number of authorized representatives of a candidate for the position of President of the Kyrgyz Republic may not exceed 50 persons.

4. Signatures may be collected only among the eligible voters with an active election right. Signature collection is conducted at places of work, service, study, residence, pre-election events and other sites where campaigning and signature collection is not forbidden by this Code. Participation of the management of legal entities or their subsidiaries and representatives in signatures collection as well as compulsion in the process of signatures collection and providing any bonuses to voters for their signatures as well as hampering the collection of signatures process shall not be allowed. Collection of signatures during the process and at the place of payment of salaries, pensions and other social benefits shall be forbidden. Gross or recurring transgression of these prohibitions may become the grounds for a respective election commission or court of law to declare the collected signatures as invalid and/or to cancel the candidate’s registration

5. A person who has the right to collect signatures shall be a capable citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic of the full legal age.

6. Each of the candidate’s supporting signature list must contain full name, date of birth, place of work and position (occupation) of the candidate.

7. Voters signing in a supporting subscription list shall write in with their own hands their full name, address, year of birth and date of putting the signature (at the age of 18 voters shall additionally specify the date and month of birth. Voters are entitled to put their signatures in support of different candidates, but only one signature in support of one and the same candidate.

8. Each subscription list should contain information on the fact that this person collected signatures personally and that the information is true and correct, as well as specify full name of the person collecting the signatures, number and series of his/her passport or substitute document, name of the inhabited locality where signatures were collected.

9. Signature lists are produced in the format approved by the Central Election Commission.

10. Filled-in, stitched and numbered subscription lists in support of a candidate for presidency shall be filed not later than 50 days to by authorized representatives with an oblast, Bishkek and Osh city election commissions, which within five days shall check authenticity of signatures with assistance of registration service personnel. During the reception of subscription lists oblast, Bishkek ans Osh city election commissions shall stamp each list with the election commission seal and give out a written certificate confirming the receipt of subscription lists and indicating the number of signatures of voters and date and time of reception. The signatures may be verified either through the entire submitted list or only part of them randomly selected (through casting of lots).


Instruction on checking authenticity of information contained in signature lists in support of the candidacy to the post of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic (approved by CEC Decree issued on July 4th 2000 year, # 354)

11. All candidates that presented signatures for registration should be notified on each case of verification. All candidates who presented the established number of signatures or their authorized representatives are entitled to be present during verification of signatures including sampling of signatures for verification. Those signatures that are in the subscription lists but had been excluded (crossed out) by candidates, their authorized representatives before they were filed with the election commission, provided that was specifically noted, shall not be subject to verification or accounting. After verification of signatures, the lists shall be returned to authorized representatives of candidates for submission to the Central Election Commission.

12. After verification, the election commission shall draw up a corresponding protocol and send it to the Central Election Commission.

13. The Subscription lists shall be deemed invalid if the requirements stipulated under this Article are not met.

(In the edition of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic issued on January 24th 2004 year No.7)