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Article 10
1. The duties of the National Electoral Commission shall include, in particular:
1) the supervision of observance of electoral law;
2) the registration of candidates for President of the Republic and the publication of
data concerning the candidates who are placed on the electoral list;
3) the ordering of the printing of ballot papers;
4) the appointment of the Constituency Electoral Commissions;
5) the investigation of complaints against the actions of Constituency Electoral Commissions;
6) the determination of the result of voting and of the election of the President of the Republic;
7) the publication of the result of voting and the election of the President of the Republic;
7a) realisation of other duties described in the acts of law;
8) (deleted)
2. The National Electoral Commission shall specify the territorial sphere of activity of the Constituency Electoral Commissions and their seats.
3. The National Electoral Commission shall issue binding instructions to the local electoral commissions and explanations to the organs of government administration and local-government administration as well as to their subordinated units that realise tasks connected with the conduct of elections.
4. The National Electoral Commission shall rescind any resolution of the constituency electoral commissions passed contrary to law or inconsistent with their guidelines and shall refer any such case to the appropriate commission for reconsideration, or shall take decision by itself in the matter.
5. The National Electoral Commission may, for the time of elections, create its own inspectorate and specify its duties. The provisions of article 19, paragraphs 1 and 3 to 5, shall apply accordingly to the persons appointed to the inspectorate.
6.The National Electoral Commission shall adopt resolutions within the scope of its authority.