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Article 30

Rights, Responsibilities and Guarantees of Activity of Proxies, Domestic and International Observers (Hereinafter Observers), and the Representatives of Mass Media

1. Proxies, Observers, and the Representatives of Mass Media have the right to:

1) Be present at the sessions of electoral commissions, and during the voting – at the precinct center;

2) Get familiarized, without impediments, with the electoral documents, ballot specimens, decisions of electoral commissions, protocols of the sessions, to receive their copies and to make excerpts.

The proxy has the right to appeal the decisions, actions or inaction by electoral commission.

3). Deleted (Amend. of July 31, 2002 LA-406-P).

2. Proxies, observers, and the representatives of mass media have no right to intervene in the work of electoral commissions.

3. One proxy of each candidate and party, running in National Assembly proportional elections, can attend, with an advisory vote, the session of the electoral commission, and during the voting.

4. On the day of voting proxies and observers monitor the work of electoral commission. To that end they can present their remarks and proposals to the Chairman of the Commission, who then takes appropriate measures.

5. No restriction of the rights of proxies, observers, and representatives of mass media is allowed.

6. Proxies, observers, and representatives of mass media cannot be subjected to liability for their opinion expressed on the course of elections and summarized results.

(Amend. of July 31, 2002 LA-406-P)