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Article 50

1. The Precinct Electoral Commissions are in charge of preparing the voting.

2. The Chairman of the Precinct Electoral Commission shall ensure the implementation of the requirements envisaged by this Code during the voting, and to establish a good order at the precinct center.

3. Tables for registration of voters, handing out ballot to voters, sealing the ballots, and for the conduct of oversight on the ballot, shall be installed at precinct centers.

4. The ballot box is installed in a place visible for the persons authorized to be present at the precinct.

5. The Precinct Electoral Commission shall install a signboard at the precinct center or at the entrance of the precinct center, with ballots specimen filled in.

6. On the day of voting, the electoral lists of the parties nominated for the National Assembly proportional elections, shall be displayed in a visible place at the precinct.